Chamomile Cleansing Lotion

8 oz

Sensitive Characteristic skin

​Moisturizes, soothes and desensitizes as it cleans

Problem Skin Balance Toner

8 oz

​Gentle effective rich botanical ingredients. Cleanses residue and eliminates bacteria

Chamomile Rinse

8 oz

A soothing rinse containing a complex of French botanicals that hydrate and relieves areas of redness as well as removing traces of soil and cleanser

Celagen 2 oz

A repair cream that contains a high concentration of Vitamin E, which helps rebuild Collagen levels for a firmer skin. 


Hand Therapy Crème 6oz

Provides a 24 hour moisture protective barrier for your hands. Non greasy, absorbs as it is applied.

Blue Copper, zinc, potassium. Vitamin A fro cell turn over and vitamins B,D, and E strenghtens skin.

Use twice, morning and night.

Fresheners,  Toners, and Hydrators



Purifying Mask2 oz

​Gentle clarifying, pore purging mask. Moisturizes, cleanses, and revitalizes congested skin. Contains Vitamins A and E to soften and improve skin color.





Premiere Collection Skin Care  


Super Activated Cleansing Gelee

8 oz

​Unisex cleanser for all skin types to cleanse, shave, and shower the skin


Problem Skin Balance Cleanser

8 oz

Oily Blemished Skin

​Botanical approach to soothing acne, blemishes and skin rashes. Non-Drying

Special Care


Hydragen2 oz

​A revolutionary moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Increases moisture retention up to 450% 

Lou's Styling Place

hair salon

Activated Charcoal Mask2 oz

​Detoxifing  10 min, once a week Mask.  Removes toxins from the cells.


Face and Neck Decollete

1 oz

A Multi-tasking Serum with advanced Peptides, Anti-Oxidants ingredients to promote Firm, luminous skin and diminish Hyper-Pigmentation

Cleansing Emollient Cleanser 8 oz

​A liquid creme that melts away soil and makeup leaving skin and smooth




Duo Action Cleanser 8 oz

​Combo/Oily skin 

​Gentle, contains Lactic Acid-a natural exfoliant



Freshening Rinse

8 oz

Is for all skin types.  It is a mild French rosewater rinse that removes traces of soil and mineral deposits left on the skin by water and cleanser

​​​​Trio Therapy Crème

Add Cell Therapy to these great moisturizers. Plant cell nutrients aid in repairing our cells.  Improves UV resistance and offer protection against free radicals. Apply daily, before any moisturizers, face and body.


The power of Nature meets The Science of Beauty